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Legal Services

Legal Services

General Practice of Law Including:

Criminal Law

Summary, misdemeanor and felony charges can affect your freedom, employment and Immigration
status as well as other major aspects of your life. Contact this office for the support, guidance and
legal experience you will need for a successful result.  Attorney David Smith will personally handle
your case using over twenty-five years of experience dealing with the police, Assistant District
Attorneys, Magisterial District Judges and Trial Court Judges.

DUI - Traffic

These offenses can affect all the above as well as your driving privilege.  The laws in this area are
complicated and changes in the law occur frequently.  Attorney David Smith will take the time to
explain the law, court system and PennDot matters to you.  He will be there for you through every
step of the process.  He can help minimize your loss of license, fight for your rights and work for the
best possible outcome.

Juvenile Law
Juvenile cases are handled differently than adult cases.  Attorney David Smith has been handling
juvenile matters for over twenty-five years.  He understands how to guide the juvenile and family
through this difficult process.  The result on a juvenile case can significantly affect the future of a
child. Early representation starting before the Intake Interview can make a big
difference in the disposition of your child's case

Protection from Abuse
You should know your legal rights when a domestic disturbance leads to a Protection from Abuse
(PFA) petition.  You could be removed from your home, lose contact with family members and have
difficulty maintaining employment.  This office will help you deal with a serious legal problem during
a very difficult time in your life.

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